Mother Tongue

AIS recognize the importance of supporting children to develop their mother tongue. We believe that language plays a vital role in the construction of meaning. At AIS all teachers are considered being language teachers. The language of instruction at AIS is English. Swedish is taught as a host country language. Research has shown that development of mother tongue is crucial for cognitive development and in maintaining cultural identity.

At AIS we provide mother tongue support for all students by encouraging and giving opportunities for all students to read in other languages than English. We give all students access to online Library where books can be found in all languages. There are also opportunities provided for students to complete assignments and tasks in their mother tongues, provided that a native speaker can assist with correcting. International Mother Tongue day is celebrated yearly at the school.

In Sweden, all students with another mother tongue than Swedish can be given the opportunity to attend mother tongue classes. Mother tongue is a language that at least one of the caregivers has as a mother tongue and that is spoken daily in the home. The child also needs to be communicative in the language. The mother tongue classes are about 50 minutes long and at AIS these classes take place after school hours.

The mother tongue classes follow the Swedish curriculum for mother tongue. In the case that we have sufficient enrolment (approximately 5 students) and we can locate a teacher, mother tongue classes will be located on premise.

The application for mother tongue classes will be available online on the school website. All students need to reapply every year. The application is valid for one academic year and a written notice has to be sent to the Deputy Head in case of cancellation.