Individualized Learning Program

The Individualized Learning Program or ILP serves a small group of students who benefit from specialized teaching, a differentiated day or schedule, mainstreaming and small group scenarios.

The support team works with each child and family to design a program that is appropriate, and to review and adjust the plan at regular intervals.

The classroom and specialist teachers and the dedicated support team work closely together to support ILP students and the rest of our students. The students participate in their grade level classes and receive targeted individualized support outside of mainstream classes based on their needs.

An independent school that is approved by the Swedish school authorities is open to all children with the exception of those with special needs that can cause significant organizational or economic difficulties for the school. It is therefore necessary that the school have the possibility to judge if the admission of the child could cause such difficulties.

We must give children in need of support the help necessary for them to succeed in their studies. It is up to us to see to it that we get the correct and necessary resources for each child.

The child’s home kommun is, in certain cases, not responsible for giving the support a child needs. In order for the school to obtain any additional support from the kommun, we must be informed of the nature and level of your child’s special needs, be it behavioural, emotional, educational or physical. We must, therefore, ask you to give us all the information necessary about your child in order that we can make an objective judgement about his/her needs. Has the child received support before and, if so, what type? What is your judgement of the child’s needs, etc.?