Health Services

The aim of the student health care team is to ensure that all students receive an equal education and the support they need to achieve their goals. AIS has a professional team for student health and welfare. This team is made up of a nurse, a school counselor and special needs teachers.

School Nurse

The school nurse works proactively and with promotion of student health. During the school day, students can contact the nurse for medical advice regarding minor injuries. Students are encouraged to consult the school nurse when they are concerned about their own health or the health of a friend.

A school doctor is available when needed. If parents/ guardians should have any health questions related to the school situation, the nurse is available. The nurse is bound by a confidentiality clause concerning all sensitive student health issues.

Health Checks/Health Talks

Health checks are carried out systematically in Sweden at specific grade levels. Parents are asked to complete a health questionnaire and also attend a meeting with the nurse/doctor at regular intervals. In addition, children are screened for visual and hearing impairment as well.


Vaccinations are carried out in Sweden by the schools during primary school education (grades kindergarten-nine) where children attend.

Student Counselor

The role of the student counselor is to offer guidance to students who have private problems or school issues that are a hindrance to their academic performance at school. The student counselor can also give advice to mentors about a plan of action for individual students at risk. Like the school nurse, the student counselor is bound by a confidentiality clause concerning all sensitive student issues.

Special Educational Needs

AIS has direct access to the support of a special educational needs teachers whose offices are located in the school building.

Some children need more support than others in managing their schoolwork. These needs may have physical, mental and social causes – they may be temporary needs or something that the student requires help with throughout their time at school. It is the head of school who decides what kind of support a student needs and makes sure that the school draws up an action plan.