English as an Additional Language

The Individual Needs department also supports children with English as an additional language (EAL), who are at an early stage of acquiring English language skills. If it is likely that a child will require learning or English language support, it is useful for the parents and the child to meet with our Head of Individual Needs, during the school visit.

A good level of English language skill is normally required for children joining the school from Year 3 upwards. The Principal or Deputy Principal may make an exception to this if they consider that the child can be sufficiently helped by the English language support offered by the school. The school may also recommend additional language support outside of school, for which the parents will be responsible.

Our English as an Additional Language (EAL) program is designed to provide academic instruction and support for English language learning. The program’s purpose is to ensure that our students become proficient in English and achieve academic success. In the Lower School, Student Support teachers work alongside classroom teachers to support students’ English language development. In the Middle and Upper School campuses, separate EAL classes are offered as required. These take the place of or supplement mainstream English classes.

Parents are strongly encouraged to help their children maintain and develop their home language as this provides a strong foundation for English language learning and is fundamental to a student’s emotional well-being.