Visual Arts


Creativity is at the heart of the arts and an integral part of the AIS Experience. It allows for innovation, interpretation, research, analysis and transfer. Learning through the arts has a positive influence on self-esteem and creative development, which carries over to all aspects of learning. Valuing imagination and celebrating original thinking promotes initiative and a lifelong love of learning.

Lower School Visual Arts
Students explore, discover, experience, develop and express their ideas using the visual arts. Exposure to different media and opportunity for individual expression welcomes diverse interpretations and varied outcomes. In the Lower School, all students attend specialized art classes and art is also an integral part of the home room curriculum.

Middle School Visual Arts
Our Middle School students are artistic explorers, studying a wide range of media and techniques to ignite their passion and creativity. Art and Digital Design electives are offered as part of the Middle School curriculum.

Upper School Visual Arts
Theory and practice in the Arts is dynamic and constantly changing, challenging students to explore new possibilities for creative expression.