School Systems

At AIS we use two systems to help us organize and communicate information.

ManageBac – Curriculum & Communication:

Managebac contains curriculum information. This ranges from units of inquiry, to homework, assessments and report cards.

  • PYP teachers use Managebac to communicate with parents
  • MYP Advisors use Managebac to communicate with students and parents
  • PYP and MYP Monthly newsletters are sent out via Managebac
  • PTA Newsletter
  • School reports: This term you will be able to access your child’s report card through the ManageBac curriculum platform in the portfolio section. The school report can be downloaded as a PDF for your own personal records.
  • The AIS Parent Group is the school’s official communication platform. You can join or unjoin this group. Messages will be sent to your e-mail.

School Soft – Registry & Attendance:

SchoolSoft contains information about the student and contact details for parents.

  • Parents must keep their contact details up to date on SchoolSoft. These are the details used when a member of staff needs to reach you.

Reporting Absences: Absences must be reported by parents on SchoolSoft before 8am. If your child is absent several days in a row, the absence must be reported for each day.

Teachers use this system to take attendance each morning.

  • Administration (Admissions and Finance) use SchoolSoft for parent and student information
  • The nurse uses SchoolSoft, which is connected to the health system