Parent Teacher (PTA)

Welcome to the Parent Teacher Association (PTA). As a parent (or guardian) of a student enroled in AIS you are automatically a member of the PTA.

Keeping parents and community members involved in the educational process is the key to student success. Being a member of the PTA simply means you are now part of a community that believes that effective parent involvement in our schools enriches the educational experience of our children. There are no fees or dues and we encourage everyone to get involved, either by volunteering or simply attending our events.

AIS shares student specific information, relevant news, and timely updates with families and community members so we can create a positive and supportive learning environment for every student.

What is the PTA and what does it do?

Students thrive when they are surrounded by a safe learning environment. When staff, parents, students, and the community are all connected with AIS a sense of security is formed that boosts academic performance and future success. Student achievement is directly influenced by parent involvement and community engagement.

The PTA committee

  • The PTA committee is voluntarily appointed each school year, and consists of the following voluntary unpaid roles:
  • PTA Chair – to lead, motivate and coordinate the committee. The chair runs the PTA and is the official spokesperson of the PTA.
  • PTA Vice Chair – to assist the Chair in their duties and to help keep PTA meetings on task. With the chair, the vice chair leads the organization and is the PTA point of contact for the class representatives.
  • PTA Social Activities Coordinator – to organize informative and entertaining social events for parents.
  • PTA Fund Raising Committee Coordinator – to lead the organization of key school fundraising events.
  • PTA Country Representative Coordinator to organize and lead the country representatives and to lead the organization of educational country specific events in school.
  • PTA Secretary – to attend and take minutes at committee meetings and all other related meetings where the PTA needs to be present.
  • Communications Coordinator- to lead a team to produce the monthly newsletter, acting as the point of contact between the PTA and the newsletter team.
  • Treasurer- to be responsible for all financial aspects of the PTA including managing financial records and making deposits.

Parent Council aims to improve communications between the parent group and the school administration. In this way, if parents feel that there is an issue that is beyond class level, they are able to approach the Parent Council to find a solution to the issue.


The agenda for the Parent Council meetings could contain the following:

  • Information from the leadership team.
  • Information from board meetings.
  • Items brought by the representatives.
  • Significant whole school issues identified in parent surveys.