Conduct & Concerns

Our behavior towards self, staff and schoolmates is respectful and reflective. As a school we recognize that focusing on a positive, safe and secure school atmosphere is enhanced when school standards and codes of conduct are emphasised.

Children should:

  • Respect and be tolerant of others
  • Be honest, fair, kind and considerate towards others
  • Be active in helping to look after others
  • Respect property and the environment in and out of school
  • Respect belongings, both others and their own
  • Be polite and courteous at all times
  • Work to the best of their abilities, and allow others to do the same
  • Follow instructions of school staff and other adults working with them
  • Follow the Golden Rules and take responsibility for their own actions

Staff should:

  • use assessment to help students reflect on what they know and help them set targets for the future;
  • use stimulating activities in well-placed lessons; and
  • create a purposeful atmosphere that promotes good learning.
  • actively engage students in their own learning.
  • Encourage children to take responsibility for their own behavior and learning
  • Raise children’s self-esteem and develop their full potential
  • Create a safe and pleasant environment, physically and emotionally
  • Provide challenging, interesting and relevant learning opportunities
  • Use rules and sanctions clearly and consistently
  • Recognise that each child is an individual, being aware of their personal needs
  • believe there is no limit to what our students can achieve and inspire them to be academically ambitious

Parents should:

  • demonstrate respect for others
  • be aware and supportive of the school’s expectations and their implementation
  • co-operate and be supportive to ensure that the school’s objectives become reality
  • foster good relationships with the school.
  • providing teachers with information about their child
  • follow and respect the Golden Rules when in School
  • encourage independence, self-discipline and responsibility in their children
  • Show an interest in all that their child does in school.
  • talk to their child and show an interest in their learning.
  • take a real, active and consistent interest in their child’s education at home.
  • reinforce learning and become an active partner in the educational process.