Parent Zone

AIS believes that Keeping parents and community members involved in the educational process is the key to student success. Effective parent involvement in our schools enriches the educational experience of our children. There are no fees or dues and we encourage everyone to get involved, either by volunteering or simply attending our events.

Students thrive when they are surrounded by a safe learning environment. When staff, parents, students, and the community are all connected with AIS a sense of security is formed that boosts academic performance and future success.

Student achievement is directly influenced by parent involvement and community engagement. AIS shares student specific information, relevant news, and timely updates with families and community members so you can create a positive and supportive learning environment for every student.

AIS surrounds the students with a connected and supportive community that will improve their educational success by empowering families with convenient access to school and student information so they can impact their child’s success.

Through our communication efforts we aim to keep parents well informed of happenings at school. AIS uses the school website, mass notifications, mobile app, and social media to create an integrated communications strategy that covers every channel and device parents are using.

Our admissions team will help you in the process of deciding whether AIS is the right school for your child. When a child starts school at AIS the whole family becomes part of the AIS experience and we strive to make it special for everyone.

Parent Council aims to improve communications between the parent group and the school administration. In this way, if parents feel that there is an issue that is beyond class level, they are able to approach the Parent Council to find a solution to the issue.