Visiting Scholar Program

The Visiting Scholar Program allows distinguished scholars to:

  • Share their expert insights.
  • Collaborate on innovative teaching methods.
  • Contribute to the overall intellectual life of the school.

It also enables AIS students at all grade levels, faculty, parents and community members to benefit from professional expertise on a wide array of topics, ranging from academics to athletics to the arts.

Expert professionals who participate in this educationally enriching experience will be invited to share their knowledge with the AIS community for lengths of time spanning a few days to a few weeks, either during a compressed time span or through scheduled visits throughout the school year.

As a visiting scholar, local and international subject matter experts:

  • Will teach classes.
  • Host collaborative seminars and workshops.
  • Provide professional development for faculty.
  • Deliver all-campus lectures.
  • Interact with the greater AIS community.

The school is grateful for the support of individual and corporate donors who provided the core funding for this program.