Tuition & Fees

Interest Application (fee- free)

To begin the application process, please submit your interest form. We do not charge any fee for the interest application. It is for free.

Application Fee

The application fee is a one-time fee to be paid at the time of application (“Application Fee”). This is non-refundable even if a student is not accepted at AISS. The Application Fee amounts to SEK 1,500 per child.

Enrollment  Fee

This is a one-time fee charged the first year the child attends AISS and will be invoiced upon acceptance. This is non-refundable and payable in full even if a student only attends for part of the school year.

  • Child 1 – 35,000 SEK enrollment fee payable
  • Child 2 – 35,000 SEK enrollment fee payable
  • Child 3 (and all subsequent children) – a discount of 20% will be given to families that will be reflected on the first Tuition Fee invoice. The enrollment fee is intended for the upkeep of the buildings and grounds of AISS.

Annual Tuition Fee

This is payable yearly and in advance, and is, for each school year, payable in two equal installments against invoices issued by AISS. Payment shall be made by the date stated in the invoice. Student’s enrolling at AISS for the second term of the school year are only required to pay 50% of the Annual Tuition Fee.

Grade Annual Tuition Fees
Preschool 110,000 SEK
Prekindergarten 110,000 SEK
Kindergarten 99,000 SEK
Grade 1 99,000 SEK
Grade 2 99,000 SEK
Grade 3 99,000 SEK
Grade 4 99,000 SEK
Grade 5 99,000 SEK
Grade 6 110,000 SEK
Grade 7 110,000 SEK
Grade 8 110,000 SEK
Grade 9 110,000 SEK
Grade 10 134,000 SEK
Grade 11 134,000 SEK
Grade 12 134,000 SEK