Payment Terms

Fee Terms and Conditions

  1. An application fee of SEK 1500 (1 child), SEK 3000 (2 children), SEK 4500 (3 or more children) is payable at the time of initial application. This fee is a one off payment and not refundable.
  2. Once an offer of a place at the school is made, an invoice for the Enrollment Fee will be sent. Payment of this secures the place. A failure to pay this invoice within the stated time will result in the loss of a place. This fee is a one off payment and not refundable.
  3. Pupils who enroll mid-term, e.g. after Easter and after October break, will pay 50% of the term fee.
  4.  If outstanding fees have not been settled by the due date, placement at the school cannot be guaranteed for the following term.
  5. AISS will invoice twice a year with 50% of annual Tuition Fees due per term.

Sibling Discount

STEAM American International School offers the following Sibling Discount:

                        Entitlement                                      Tuition fee

  • Third Sibling 20% discount
  • Fourth and subsequent siblings 40% discount

The discount is deducted from the youngest sibling and is only applicable while 3 or more children are attending school at the same time.

Refund Policy

Tuition Fee is non-refundable and payable in full even if a student only attends for part of the school year. There is no refund if a student leaves before the school year ends.


The re-enrollment period for students who wish to continue at AISS takes place during the month of March.

Re-enrollment takes place electronically; families are sent an email from Open Apply with a link to an electronic form.

Withdrawal Procedure

AISS must be notified of the withdrawal of a child at least two months prior to their departure from AISS between September and March.

Failure to notify the school

If you do not notify the school during the re-enrollment period you will automatically be re-enrolled and an invoice will be issued.