The admissions categories are as follows:

  1. Students who are resident in Sweden for a confirmed limited period of time.
  2. Students who have attended school abroad for a major part of their education and therefore have a reason to fulfil his/her education in an International School in Sweden.
  3. Students who are currently living in Sweden but are planning to leave Sweden for a longer period of time.
  4. Students who speak the language of the school daily with one or both parents/caretakers and has sufficient language skills to participate in the education.

Our admissions policy is in accordance with Chapter 24 Section 3 of the Swedish Education Act.

Within each category applications will be looked at by American International School using the sibling priority and date of application as some of the key criteria. We are therefore only able to process applications in accordance with our admissions criteria.

Our policy is to place students in their age-appropriate grade level. We also take into consideration a student’s previous school experience. This is done on a case by case basis looking at formal years of schooling rather than ability in subject areas. We do not have an entrance test but assess students in their initial weeks on a range of measures to ensure they are fitting in to the program. Students will be placed in year groups according to their date of birth. Our academic year cut off date is 31st August.

At AIS we will have students who come from all over the world with a wide range of school experiences. We aim to differentiate the academic level of the work within the class to meet the needs of the individual. In some cases, and after our assessment and observation of a student we may discuss (with the parents) the possibility of moving the student into another grade level.

In the early grades we endeavor to keep class sizes to around 15 students with one teacher and one classroom assistant where necessary

At times when we have high demand for places, class sizes may increase in order to accommodate the needs of moving families. In these cases, the increase will be met with additional resources, including teaching assistants where appropriate.

The school does accept students with limited English language and our Individual Needs department supports children who need help learning the English language, either as beginners or as developing English speakers. The school’s Individual Needs Coordinator meets with all new admissions and carries out an informal baseline assessment to establish the level of language support required. Support may be given individually, in small groups or within the main classroom environment and the school may also recommend additional language support, for which the parents will be responsible.

In Sweden, the academic year begins in August and concludes in June. The academic year is divided into two terms. The Autumn Term runs from August to December and the Spring Term is from January to June. Please see the SCHOOL CALENDER for specific start dates and holidays.

We are accepting applications for the school year 2019/2020 and will also accept students at any time during the school year if there are openings in a class. AIS therefore tries to meet the needs of all students whenever they arrive.

International work assignments can be short notice and short term. AIS therefore accepts students for periods as short as three months duration.
Parents (or the company commissioning the short-term placement) will need to pay the full term school fee to cover the necessary resources for the placement at AIS.

Our school is academically non-selective, and we have team of Individual Needs teachers and assistants who provide support for children who experience mild learning difficulties. We do not, however, have the facilities to cater for the needs of those who require intensive or extended programmes of educational support. Children applying with specific support needs will be assessed by the Individual Needs Coordinator to ensure that the school is able to offer an appropriate programme of learning.

We have a clearly structured Behaviour Policy for students and a supportive pastoral system for monitoring the personal welfare of students. A structured tiered system of sanctions for misbehaviour is in place.

We do not tolerate bullying in any form. We believe that every individual is entitled to work and learn in a safe and secure environment. Positive personal relationships, including an awareness of bullying, are raised through both our National and International curriculum, assemblies and class discussions. We supervise key areas of the School throughout break and lunchtime and we have procedures in place to investigate and deal effectively with incidents of bullying.

Parents receive one written report per year which includes feedback as well as targets for the child. Parent-teacher conferences are offered in the first two terms and parents can meet with class teachers throughout the school year by prior arrangement.

There are a wide range of activities available each term, covering sports, arts, academic, languages and other interest areas.

Yes. Visits to places such as museums and natural areas in Sweden enrich the curriculum at every level.

We do not have a special program for gifted and talented students. Our teachers focus on differentiation in the classroom to meet the needs of the students within the class.

All new arrivals are given buddies to help them settle into the school routines. PTA linked class reps are always available to help new parents settle.

There is no refund if a student leaves before the school year ends. Tuition Fees is non-refundable and payable in full even if a student only attends for part of the school year.