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Thank you for your interest in AIS. Submit the interest application below and the school will contact you as soon as the enrollment process is open. If you have any questions  about the admissions process please do not hesitate to contact the Admissions Team admissions@aissweden.se, we look forward to hearing from you!

A) American International School accepts only:

  • Students who are resident in Sweden for a confirmed limited period of time.
  • Students who have attended school abroad for a major part of their education and therefore have a reason to fulfil his/her education in an International School in Sweden.
  • Students who are currently living in Sweden but are planning to leave Sweden for a longer period of time.
  • Students who speak the language of the school daily with one or both parents/caretakers and has sufficient language skills to participate in the education.

Our admissions policy is in accordance with Chapter 24 Section 3 of the Swedish Education Act.

B) Here is a summary of AIS tuition fees:

  • Interest Application (fee- free)
  • The applicant start by submitting interest application online so we know more information about the applicant .We do not charge any fee for the interest application. It is for free.
  • Application Fee (1500 SEK per child)
  • The application fee is a one-time fee to be paid at the time of application (“Application Fee”). This is non-refundable even if a student is not accepted at AIS.
  • Enrollment Fee (35,000 SEK per child)
  • This is a one-time fee charged the first year the child attends AIS and will be invoiced upon acceptance. This is non-refundable and payable in full even if a student only attends for part of the school year.
  • Annual Tuition Fee
  • This is payable yearly and in advance, and is, for each school year, payable in two equal installments against invoices issued by AIS.
You should read these documents carefully before submitting your interest Application:
GradeAnnual Tuition Fees
Preschool110,000 SEK
Prekindergarten110,000 SEK
Kindergarten99,000 SEK
Grade 199,000 SEK
Grade 299,000 SEK
Grade 399,000 SEK
Grade 499,000 SEK
Grade 599,000 SEK
Grade 6110,000 SEK
Grade 7110,000 SEK
Grade 8110,000 SEK
Grade 9110,000 SEK
Grade 10134,000 SEK
Grade 11134,000 SEK
Grade 12134,000 SEK

AIS provides today’s learners with the skills, personal qualities and international mindedness they will need for tomorrow’s world, wherever their journey takes them. Learners acquire the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in a world where change is constant and learning never stops.

AIS aims to enable learners to understand and manage the complexities of our world and provide them with skills and attitudes for taking responsible action for the future in the belief that people who are equipped to make a more just and peaceful world need an education that crosses disciplinary, cultural, national and geographical boundaries.

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By submitting your application you confirm that you have read and aware of the AIS Admissions policy and the AIS Fee Schedule and Terms of Payment.

General note

Early registration is advisable because the date of receipt of the application form and required documentation will be decisive where there is more than one applicant in the same priority group and only one place available. Final confirmation of a place will be given as soon as possible.