Admissions Policy

STEAM American International Schools, Sweden admit pupils in accordance with the Ministry of Education’s regulations and guidelines and the STEAM admissions policy. Admissions now open for Pre-K to Grade 12 for 2019-2020.

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Admissions Policy

The American International Schools of Sweden is a non-selective school and does not require children to take an entrance test.

Children are placed in year groups according to their date of birth, with an annual cut-off date of 31st August, unless there are clear educational reasons for an exception to be made.

STEAM American International Schools-Sweden accept only:-

1-Students who are resident in Sweden for a confirmed limited period of time.

2-Students who have attended school abroad for a major part of their education and therefore have a reason to fulfil his/her education in an International School in Sweden.

3-Students who are currently living in Sweden but are planning to leave Sweden for a longer period of time.

4-Students who speak the language of the school daily with one or both parents/caretakers and has sufficient language skills to participate in the education.

Our priority system

In the event that a class is oversubscribed, places will be offered according to the following priority system, provided applicants meet the criteria set out in Admissions Categories above:

  • Siblings of current pupils
  • Date of application
  • Students who speak the language of the school and resident in Sweden for a confirmed limited period of time
  • Children of expatriate families and resident in Sweden for a confirmed limited period of time

Applicants with Special Needs

An independent school that is approved by the Swedish school authorities is open to all children with the exception of those with special needs that can cause significant organizational or economic difficulties for the school.