About Us

American International School of Sweden®

AIS provides today’s children with the skills, personal qualities and international mindedness they will need for tomorrow’s world, wherever their journey takes them. Implementation of 21st century skills in a variety of learning environments and learning spaces is the core content of who we are.

Who are we?

American International School of Sweden is an independent leading international school offering an international comprehensive education program for students aged 3 to 18 in Gothenburg.

Being the only American International School in the whole of Sweden besides bringing teaching and learning to life with innovative learning technology makes AIS the best choice for parents who wish their children to be ready for the future anywhere in the world.

Who do we serve?

AIS is the best educational choice of the globally mobile diplomatic, business and research community in Gothenburg. AIS offers an international education where the teaching is adapted to an increasingly borderless world, so as to be able to face the challenge of the future. Families that have worked or are going to work abroad and have connections with industry and commerce, the university or other international interests, are the school’s main target group.

Who are our students?

The American International School of Sweden is a non-selective school and does not require children to take an entrance test. In order, however, to ensure that the school’s educational programme is appropriate for individual children, parents are required to provide full and detailed information with their application, particularly if their child currently receives support in school, or is new to English language.

The admissions categories are as follows:

  1. Students who are resident in Sweden for a confirmed limited period of time.
  2. Students who have attended school abroad for a major part of their education and therefore have a reason to fulfil his/her education in an International School in Sweden.
  3. Students who are currently living in Sweden but are planning to leave Sweden for a longer period of time.
  4. Students who speak the language of the school daily (English) with one or both parents/caretakers and has sufficient language skills to participate in the education.

Our admissions policy is in accordance with Chapter 24 Section 3 of the Swedish Education Act.

Who are our teachers?

American International Schools all over the world reputation and tradition is built on having the highest quality teaching staff in in the world.

Our rigorous selection procedure and intensive programme of professional development guarantees that we employ, develop and retain the best educators for our diverse student body. All of our teaching staff have a university teaching degree, with many of them having additional professional or university qualifications. Low staff turnover and the teachers’ extensive experience within the International Programmes, ensures our students receive world class instruction and mentorship.

What are we especially proud of?

For Students

  • Engage active learners where they already are.
  • Provide a complete digital learning environment to engage students & boost success
  • Surround students with a connected and supportive community that will improve their educational success.
  • Create an optimal and safe learning environment for students.
  • Providing safe and secure learning environments and having a sold educational plan in place.

For Parents

  • Empower families with convenient access to school and student information so they can impact their child’s success
  • Student achievement is directly influenced by parent involvement and community engagement.
  • Reassure parents that their children are safe by providing safe and secure learning environments.
  • Keeping parents and community members involved in the educational process is the key to student success.

For Teachers

  • AIS give each teacher a personal digital assistant to automate elements of their class to differentiate instruction, improve student engagement, and simultaneously increase teacher efficiency.
  • AIS Personalize communication between families and classrooms.
  • AIS maximize instructional time by keeping teachers in their classrooms with digital professional development.
  • AIS teachers can personalize learning and engage students with the Personalized Learning Solution.